Remember / Eddie

by Latin Quarter

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Every year the leaders of the church and state in UK, assemble on 'Remembrance Sunday' to remember those who died in the various British war campaigns. But as they ask us to remember the dead, are they also hoping we forget the wars themselves and why they were fought? That we don't ask what for? Have the soldiers died to 'serve their country' or just to protect or extend the interests of those in power? And the church? What is their history in all of this? Chaplains in the army - there to comfort the soldiers, or to make them feel that 'God is on our Side'?


released 03 November 2014



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Latin Quarter UK

Latin Quarter first burst onto the scene with their singles "Radio Africa" and "New Millionaires" – songs that stayed for months in the German single charts in the 80s. The band split up in 1998. In 2011 five of the original musicians got together again. Unlike other bands they didn’t rely on previous fame but released two albums with new songs - 'Ocean Head' and 'Tilt'. ... more

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Track Name: Remember

In the house of the almighty Lord,
They all shall come, the great, the small
The have-nots and the have-it-all shall enter
There’s a body from a foreign war
Draped in flag, the bugle calls
To pray in sorrow, but bless the cause

Shall we not remember?

But would the man from Verdun speak of ‘glory’
If he laid the wreath?
And if the empire called again, would he defend her?
And what of those who held Madrid
While Washington and London hid?
Or those that kept the Athens bridge
Traitored by an allied kiss?

Shall we not remember?

And who believes He came to die
For uniforms where padres hide
To bless the violence on our side
Knowing smaller nations cry?
‘Thou shalt not kill’
Unless of course the meek shall try
And share the earth
With those who found their power at birth.

Shall we not remember?
Track Name: Steve Skaith Band - Eddie
(Skaith, Jones, Keefe)

Looking at the water,
Through the spaces of an iron ore train.
The water eddies round the rushes
And Eddie’s round at my house insane.

The breakers in the distance,
Cut the air like the crackle of a CB rig
They found a crack in Eddie
And they tore him down and snapped him like a twig.

His head is full of Goose Green
Tastes the smoke from the damp grass well alight
Eddie’s waiting for the choppers
And he goes on waiting long into the night

And I thought I heard a voice.
Didn’t someone here just whisper ‘Rejoice’?

And the harbour’s full of newsmen
Little boats go bobbing like a Dunkirk repeat
To a train ride and a welcome
And ‘Well Done, Eddie!’ right across the street.

The water’s grey and choppy
On the lake out by the fairground big wheel
Oh we could circle it forever
But we’d never guess the way that Eddie feels.
Yea we could circle it forever
But we’d never guess the way that Eddie feels.